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Our website is currently under renovation. Please check back in a few days to see the newly built site. The inn is still open for business, we are just renovating the site.

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Brief History

The main brick structure of The Yorkshire Inn was constructed in approximately 1796 as a two story farmhouse. Just 23 years later, in 1819, the third story was added and the home was converted to a stage coach stop. Evidence of this configuration can still be seen throughout the house today. The overall structure of the house remained unchanged until 1951 when the addition on the west end was added to supplement The York Inn restaurant, which operated from 1948 until 1988. In 2000, the Latch family purchased the house with the intention of turning it into a Bed and Breakfast. Opening with a single guest room in 2003, The Yorkshire Inn has operated as a successful Bed and Breakfast ever since. The next remodel resulted in the addition of The Blue Room. Then in 2013, the old restaurant space was converted into The Lodge Suite, The Bolero Room as well as the gathering room and additional laundry facility.

What will you add to the history of this beloved piece of Phelps, New York History? The next chapter to the story could be yours to write.

Photo Gallery

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Guest Room Summary

All guest rooms are on the first floor with no steps or stairs from the large parking lot to any of the rooms.

Blue Room

The blue room sleeps 2 and features a wall of south facing windows overlooking the deck and back yard. The private bath features an oversized standup shower.

Bolero Room

The Bolero is our premium, private, romantic suite. It sleeps two in style and comfort with an oversized bath featuring a two person jacuzzi tub and individual shower.

Lodge Suite

The Lodge is a two bedroom suite that sleeps up to 6 individuals. It is trimmed in rough sawn cedar and features a traditonal bath with a tub and shower combination.

Rose Suite

The Rose Suite is a two bedroom suite that sleeps up to 6 individuals. It also has large windows overlooking the deck and back yard. It has a second door that opens directly onto the deck. The private bath features an oversized standup shower.

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